Intermediate & Advanced Division

Auditions are required for all prospective Intermediate and Advanced Ballet students. Level placements are determined by Ayana School’s Director.

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Class Schedule

Intermediate & Advanced Division

Audition required. Vaganova Ballet Curriculum Level 3 and up.

Junior Ballet 3/4 (ages 9-12)

Junior Ballet 4 (ages 12-15)

students placed in the Intermediate and Advanced Division have shown that they have the discipline and determination to commit to a serious ballet program. Students in these Divisions attend class 7-12 hours per week, depending on their level.  Students in this division are age 11+ or have completed Junior Ballet Level 3 at Ayana Ballet. Progression to the next level is based on the student’s technical skills, knowledge of the vocabulary, and physical understanding of the curriculum at their level. The curriculum challenges students to take individual responsibility for proper posture, body alignment, advanced/mature coordination, knowledge of executing techniques with precision, and artistry.

Students progress to the next level when they have mastered the material and physical understanding of the syllabus at their current level. Written progress reports are distributed at the end of each school year.

Teens Ballet Group

This division is for teenage dancers who completed 4-5 years of ballet education. This program is designed for Junior High/High School students that due to a bust school schedule cannot commit to a full Ballet Program. Teen Ballet students (ages 12-16) take the class 2-3 times per week. Dancers in this class have the opportunity to pursue more ballet. If they advance quickly and would like to add more classes or more formal training, they can request an audition for evaluation. Upon a successful audition, they can transfer to our regular ballet program. 

Pointe is not an option for those who have less than 4 years of experience in ballet for the student’s own safety.

Teen Ballet students participate in the Winter/Spring Presentation.