Boys Ballet Division

Prospective students are evaluated through trial lessons. All level placements are determined by Ayana School’s Director.

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Boys Ballet Level 2 (ages 8-10)

This is a new program that we added this year to give boys the opportunity to learn ballet in a separate group. Boys Division classes emphasize posture, alignment, proper execution, fundamentals, port de bras, strength, and classroom etiquette. Includes attention to foot articulation and usage, and some stretching. While the basic syllabus is the same for beginning male and female students, the contrast between male and female dancing is increasingly emphasized as a student progresses. The personal example of the teacher is highly important. Their wealth of experience is a valuable contribution to the development of our male students. For these reasons, we are delighted to assign instructions to Kasymbek Tynybekov, our new Ballet Teacher from Turkey. Mr. Kasymbek holds an MA in Ballet Pedagogy Vaganova Method.

Written progress reports are distributed at the end of each school year.

Boys Ballet students participate in  the Winter/Spring Presentation.